Alphaport Asset Management :

An Alpha Specialist for Equity universe


The Alpha is the result of a portfolio management that doesn't depend on market fluctuations.

Therefore, the evolution of our main investment universes (cf 3 graphs on the right) have no impact on our results.

Our Equity portfolios create or destroy value according to the relative evolution between :

  • 2 companies
  • 2 economic sectors
  • 2 diversified Equity portfolios
  • 2 Equity investment universes

The volatility of these«offset» portfolios is reduced :4 à 6% in average whatever the market volatility is : 8%, 10% or 20% to 30% as at this moment of finanial, economic, political and ... geological crisis.

This stability is coupled with an immediate ability of mobilization (redemptions), through the choice of investment universes where each value presents a floating above 3 billion dollars and is beeing quoted on regulated markets.


Why buying Alpha

The economic and financial environment is not in favor of classic investment allocations :

  • Expected decrease in the growth of emerging countries (China, India and Brasil, in particuliar)
  • Shrinking government support of the developed economies already affected by strict program to reduce public expenditures
  • Sovereign debt crisis with the prospect of restructuration challenging the European Community
  • Hyper-growth of the money supply in the United States (graphe)
  • Risk of a commodity buble
  • etc…

These characteristics brings worries and erratic movements in the markets : IT , precious metals, energy, currencies, ....


In those conditions, our Equity process offers very attractive characteristics :

  • Decorrelation to market movements
  • Independance to the most unpredictable and violent events (financial crisis, political crisis, natural disasters…)
  • Permanent Liquidity (Invesmtent Universes limited to floating > 3 billion dollars)
  • Transparent and continuous Valorisation (Regulated Markets)
  • Controlled Volatility : 4-5% whatever the market volatility
  • DrawDown limited by the implementation of decorrelated strategies
  • Factor of confidence : UCITS III, diversified fund
  • Attractive Performance potential : 5 to 10%